College Hill in Greensboro, NC is a well organized vibrant community full of a large collection of historic victorian homes and the cities first historic district.  College Hill’s location between the University of North Carolina at Greensboro on the west and Greensboro College to the east have served to create the neighborhoods rich diversity and character that is truly unique to this community.  The history of College Hill began with a collection of large estates that were eventually subdivided into smaller tracts for homes.  Estates such as the Cyrus P. Mendenhall estate from 1890, and the North Carolina Governor John Motley Morehead estate from 1891.  The College Hill Neighborhood Association is a very active and organized community organization that is very active in the city planning in order to preserve the historic character and tradition that is College Hill.  To learn more about the neighborhood association check out their website at; .  To get another sense of College Hill Greensboro NC check out their Facebook page;

College Hill is a growing and improving neighborhood that is a walkable, and wonderful place to enjoy being close to downtown, college life, and the history that this wonderful community has to offer.