There are plenty of older neighborhoods with lots of character and wonderful older homes but there is only one like Kirkwood in Greensboro, NC a true quaint little bedroom community.  Near the center of town and between Lawndale Avenue lined with it’s majestic Pin Oaks and North Elm Street.  Here, there is no better sense of community and belonging. Kirkwood is a neighborhood of approximately 300 homesAs you tour the community one will notice the collection of bungalows with large yards and many with adirondack chairs in the front yard.  Kirkwood Park (a city maintained greenway) consist of 4.4 acres of enjoyment. It has a natural area, basketball court, two playgrounds and sand box. The park is bisected by a stream.

During the much of the year you can find residents walking their dogs, pushing children in strollers, riding bicycles, or simply walking through talking to their neighbors.  A very friendly sense of community is everywhere.  Whether you are enjoying Kirkwood’s own Fourth of July parade or many of their other community events you will see why many home buyers will only buy a home in Kirkwood.

Recently the Kirkwood Neighborhood Association fought to maintain their community as it is for now and the future by creating a Conservation Overlay.  Fighting off commercial encroachment the preserved their wonderful community.

Homes in Kirkwood Greensboro, NC have retained their value over the years and shown steady but, not over-inflated appreciation.  The community is surrounded by both Old Irving Park (multi million dollar homes around Greensboro Country Club) and New Irving Park (homes in the $300,000 and higher). A Kirkwood address remains one of the very desirable neighborhoods to have a home!

Living in Kirkwood Greensboro NC is small town America in the middle of a much larger city