Put your love of texting to good use.  Use our SMS texting feature to help you get information on ANY property ANY time you want!

All you have to do is text TRC1 to 87778 from any mobile phone on ANY active property listed for sale in the Triad MLS and we’ll instantly provide you with the basic property information, including price, beds, baths, square feet and so much more.


If your phone is GPS enabled, let the homes find you!

With your GPS enabled phone you can find all the basic property information on all the nearest homes for sale in the Triad area MLS database.  As you drive around  and you want the map to move with you simply hit the Mode button while in Map Mode and change the settings.

*You can change to Automatic where the map moves with you.

*Pan & Zoom will only change locations if you refresh the phone or use your finger to change locations to see  new properties.


So what are you waiting for just text “TRC1” to 87778 for a quick link to available homes for sale.