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Looking for some land to call your own? Maybe you would like to find a little farm (or a big one) to move to and enjoy the serenity of country living. Whatever your reason for looking in this unique category we can find it for you. Whether you would like hundreds of acres to raise livestock, or just a few acres to build a home on and have some privacy we can find it. Total Care Realty has worked to establish themselves as a go to firm to help you buy or sell land and farms. Being able to find the solution to any clients requests.

Searching for land is a difficult enough task since the answer is not always even publicly listed for sale. Sometimes the solution for a buyer’s search is not out in the open or not even listed for sale. Knowing the area and the people in it gives you many more options. There are many landowners and farm owners that would be willing to sell but, for one reason or another they do not wish that to be public knowledge. Also there are always larger listings that with the right question could possibly be subdivided. Being a part of that community is integral in knowing where to find what our clients are looking for.

Buying land or farm takes more then simply looking for a sign on the road or looking for a property for sale on the internet. Determining the value (highest and best use) for farm/land is a one of the by looking at the many attributes; lay of the land, composition of the soil, available natural water, timber, improvements (fencing, buildings, homes), road frontage, location, and much, much more. Make sure your broker is taking all of this into account when searching and helping you find the perfect farm or land. One last question is if you are buying two hundred acres, did you and your broker walk the entire acreage in order to know the best features of the land?